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Our Services

Audit Services

Audit Services

Our globally developed audit methodology facilitates and enhances audit quality, and is designed to meet applicable national and international standards.


Our methodology and approach have been designed to identify your business risks and contribute to internal control provisions to achieve the objectives of corporate governance


We keep you ahead of relevant financial reporting and related legislative and technical changes, and provide you with proactive advice to maximise the potential of your business.


Our audit team evaluates the audit risk in various areas and functions of the business towards the major risk areas that must be carefully audited.


Legal Audit Services

Our services assist companies to comply with the local Corporate Law No. 159 and Capital Market Authority Law No.95, regulating that all companies operating in Egypt (listed and unlisted) must prepare their financial statements in accordance with Egyptian Accounting Standards and for those financial statements to be audited by a Certified Public Accountant.


Internal Audit toward Corporate Governance

We can assist organizations that need help to improve the quality and effectiveness of their internal audit processes in a number of ways

  1. Internal audit outsourcing.
  2. Internal audit co-sourcing.
  3. Internal audit advisory.

These methods contribute to the provisions of internal control to achieve the objectives of corporate governance

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

We can assist your organization that need help to improve the quality and effectiveness of their accounting services in a number of ways:

    1. Book Keeping
    2. Financial Statements Preparation
    3. Designing Chart of Accounts
    4. Designing Accounting Tree and Documentation Cycles 

Financial & Management Consultancies

Management &Financial Services

We can assist your organization that need help to improve the quality and effectiveness of their accounting services in a number of ways that we providing it.

  1. Feasibility Studies
  2. Due Diligence
  3. Diagnostic review
  4. Strategic Alliances
  5. Mergers
  6. Expansion and Consolidation Programs
  7. Arrangement of New Agencies
  8. Profitability and Cost Analysis
  9. Valuation Consulting and Appraisal
  10. Restructure
  11. Culture Change Management
  12. Treasury and Cash Flow Management
  13. Customization of Capabilities
  14. Competition Analysis
  15. Profitability and Cost Analysis
  16. Valuation Consulting and Appraisal
  17. Market Surveys
Court Consulting Reports

Court Consulting Reports

1.   Tahawy Chartered Accountants" company specializing in consultancy reports required of prosecutors As essential element in the penal communications as well as Guidance the court to the right track during the consideration of the case in court the technical elements of the case.

2.   Tahawy Chartered Accountants" undertaking a specialist investigation in embezzlement and waste accuse by one of the company's employees and analysis of how the occurrence of fraud and subsequent damage Of the value of its occurrence and makes recommendations on how to avoid fraud in the future by bridging the gaps in the control systems that caused the embezzlement

Tax Services


Tax Consulting Services

  • Tax return preparation and advice
  • Corporate tax consulting and planning
  • Salary tax, sales tax, stamp tax, social insurance, and customs advice
  • Advising on tax inspection reports and findings
  • VAT
Excellence Services

e-invoice services

  • Record all e-invoices daily in accordance with the law.
  • Coding items according to the unified coding system.
  • Conforms to the standards indicated by the Tax Authority
  • Import all data through Excel SHEET.
  • Recording customer data according to the electronic tax system.
  • The possibility of selecting one or more invoices to be sent to the tax site.
  • Review invoices before sending them according to the standards of the Tax Authority.
  • Registration of all items with the codes of the Tax Authority without the need to change the barcode used.

Data must be available in the Egyptian e-invoice

  1. Invoice serial number.
  2. The address of the authorized representative of the company.
  3. Product/service provided.
  4. Issue Date.
  5. Buyer's name.
  6. Product quantity and price
  7. Name of the financier
  8. Buyer's tax registration number.
  9. Tax category of the product.
  10. Company Tax Registration Number
  11. Buyer's address.
  12. Tax value.
  13. Total Invoice.

 Issuance, modification and cancellation of electronic invoices using the system

  • On your behalf, we will handle the e-invoice system on a daily basis and issue invoices in both Arabic and English, and we will also issue invoices, discount notices, and addition notices with other parties and companies.
  • It is known that you will reserve the right to amend invoices by issuing discount notices, adding to the invoice, canceling the invoice completely, and issuing another invoice, provided that this occurs within the time specified by law for cancellation.

In case of an error in a previously issued invoice, it is amended by issuing discount notices or addition notices associated with previous invoices. When you want to cancel an invoice after issuance, the system allows the seller to cancel the electronic invoice within a period specified by law. In this case, the seller must request the cancellation of the invoice on the system that sends the buyer a notice of cancellation.

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